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Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies
Erin Dionne

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"Models dont eat chocolate cookies" by Erin Dionne is about a 12 year old named Celeste Harris who is we can say "fluffy" but she never really ever worried about her weight until 7th grade year. Celeste meets her biggest rival / bully , Lively carson who only picks on her because of her weight. Celeste is already feeling self concience about her weight but to top this off her mom wants her to enroll in the huskypeach pageant and become a future model. Celeste hates the idea but decides to shut Lively up and win the pageant by losing 20 pounds.Celeste has to go on a diet but she feels as if its not working.Celeste then figures out that she needs to give up her baked goods and sweets but she can't seem to do so and thats the reason why she wasn't losing any weight.Celeste finally starts eating healthier and loses 20 pounds , wins the beauty pageant and gets victory against Lively , her bestfriend back and self confidence.


In my opinion , i would recommend the book "Models dont eat chocolate cookies" by Erin Dionne to any friend or peer , the book is very witty and she uses a sense of humor to gain strength to surpass her struggles with her weight, yeah she's insecure throught the book but she's sort of optimistic throught her weight loss journey , Its an interesting and relateable book for anyone (especially girls) who struggle with weight and middle school identity, I would rate this book a 9 out of 10.